RESEARCH – by mediators Caterina Giangrasso and Vittoria Eugenia Lombardi

The investigation into contemporary Latin American dramaturgy continues. Maps of theatrical and performative thoughts and actions engage the mediators on a journey full of bizarre curiosities to discover through Chile, Urugay and Argentina. A powerful and rich exchange of knowledge is possible through interviews, readings, comparisons and “remote” viewing.
L’indagine sulla drammaturgia contemporanea del Latino America va avanti. Mappe di pensieri e di azioni teatrali e performative impegnano le mediatrici in un viaggio ricco di curiosità da scoprire attraverso il Cile, l’Urugay e l’Argentina. Mediante interviste, letture, confronti e visioni “a distanza” è possibile un potente e ricco scambio di conoscenza.


Projects are worked with many ideas, distance is canceled, the goal of comparison is to create something together. Helena is absent, present and immersive, Batman tries to guide you in a world of disappeared, the Archipelagos is a landscape of stories and...


Ten words to classify, look, identify the creative processes within the countries involved, creating a mapping according to each word. A taxonomy across the South, a decalogue that allows us to build interpretative categories of creation. D...